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michael kors cheapFor the first time, the queues at the Jinnah International Airport were organised and passengers were being attended to in a very respectable manner. I took that as a good luck sign for my five day trip to Dubai. Within a few minutes I had cleared the final security check and could hear the shop keepers at the duty free calling out for people to check out their offerings. Just when I was crossing the last shop, I spotted a Michael Kors through the display window. Being the brand freak that I am, I had to go inside and check it out for myself. This, however I shouldn't have done as I realised later when I found out that the branded bags stocked in the shop were replicas. This produced a burning sensation within me, which I couldn't shake off till I reached the Oh So Amazing Dubai Airport. So much for the good omen. You would consider my reaction a bit absurd but only till you read what I have to say about using and promoting such counterfeits. Firstly, replicas are illegal products. Now don't ask me why! Of course copying a name and logo or any other trademarked element of an entity is illegal, especially since you are misguiding the consumers and cheating designers out of money by trading counterfeits. In Pakistan replicas are easily available in every corner of the country through online or traditional brick and mortar stores. From copies of luggage bags to scarves, there isn't a single item or brand that is not available in the market. The sad thing is that our society hasn't even acknowledged that these are illegal goods and cannot be traded so fearlessly in the open market. Even in Dubai, sale of such products within the city are prohibited. Now, only imagine what the foreigners must be thnking who (like me) had visited the shop at the Pakistan airport. Another thing that amazes me is that even the educated class of our society, due to lack of exposure, tends to buy replicas without knowing if the item that they are buying is a fake copy of some international brand. This I got to know when this really close friend of mine asked the price of my designer shoes. I told her how much it had cost me, to which she actually burst out laughing and told me she had bought the same shoes for one tenth of the price, telling me that the pair she owns has the same logo (she didn't even know the brand name).

michael kors for cheap

cheap michael korsThe point is, if you are not aware of the prevailing fashion trends and what brands stand for, there is a possibility you won't be able to decipher or relate to this article either. Interestingly enough, I was just flipping through pages of a very prestigious Pakistani women's magazine the other day and I spot these Tory Burch ballerinas in the 'must have' section and to my shock and horror, the price mentioned was Rs. 1200! I am not sure if they had the price right, because if it were the case, they are plainly promoting illegal goods. And of course, then it brings the credibility of the magazine into question because institution such as this needs to be more cautious when dealing with such things. I fail to understand why people buy such products, especially bags? If I talk about myself, I could never be satisfied knowing that I was carrying around a fake bag or fake jewellery or fake anything for that matter. If I can't afford to buy it, then I'd rather buy something I can afford instead of posing like I can afford something I can't.

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cheap michael kors handbagsEven if you are buying a replica, it is perfectly acceptable only if you are open about it being a copy and not the original thing. You see, the irony inherent in buying a fake goes way beyond the embarrassment and remorse that a person could face on possibly getting caught. It may sound absurd but a person who is trying to make people believe that her LV bag (replica) is really an original is more inclined to cheat, lie and steal in other facets of life as well. The bottom line is if a person is fooling themselves and others into thinking that they can afford the real thing, there's a chance they may take the same approach in other areas too. This act reflects on your personality and who you are as a person, so better think around those lines the next time you buy one. A fake is and will remain a fake, showcasing only that the person who owns it is equally fake. People spend thousands of money on original designer items because of the symbolic meaning attached to these luxury brands. A fake status symbol simply makes the said symbol lose all its charm. Being the lower quality version of the original, replicas usually have some defects or imperfections that are visible to the eyes. They are made with poor craftsmanship using inferior materials. Just a vigilant look is sufficient to spot a fake and identify the difference in the design, colour, logo, stitching and the interior of the item. But you don't even have to dissect the item to find out if it's original; there are however, some other very obvious signs. For example, this friend of mine, who belongs to a well off family, has a new LV every time we meet that just doesn't feel right. All one has to do is match and check if the other items that the person is wearing, fall in the same category, to audit the authenticity of their possessions. 192,420 PKR), it should ideally be matched with other luxury items and not a cheap watch or unbranded apparel.

michael kors bags for cheap

cheap michael kors bagsDesigner merchandise adds style and flair to your wardrobe and attracts attention to you, but it's often not the label that is the most attractive thing; you need to be a complete package to pull it off. So if you think just a bag can make a difference, think again. People resort to designer brands 30 per cent for the quality and 70 per cent for the prestige. So, basically the reason people buy designer goods is because of the prestige attached to them and if that is not forthcoming (if you buy a copy of the original), isn't it better that we buy unbranded but good quality goods. If quality is what you are looking for then you don't need LV to achieve it. Most of the unbranded merchandise look and perform equally well as branded ones. The first hand copies of designer items that are available in the market are of the same price as those of our very own Pakistani brands that have way superior quality products. If you haven't already, you ought to check their collections out. You are an original; make sure your style is as well.

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